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Academic Scholarship

Congratulations to our many "Dollars for Scholars" (DFS) and Local Scholarship recipients and a huge "Thank You" to the organizations and people who make this possible.  Our Community has recently recognized many scholarship recipients this year with awards totaling over $58,000. 

DFS Name Value Recipient
Raabe Family Scholarship $2,000 Jessica Ziemiecki
Stephen Voss Scholarship $1,500 Sophie Bremel
Dollars For Scholars - 4.0+ $1,500 Hannah Moe
Wright-Hennepin Electric Scholarship $1,200 Sophia Brun
Bill Fisher Realtor Scholarship $1,000 Skyla Lewis
Dollars For Scholars - 3.5+ $1,000 Jasmine Faue
Rocket Boosters Scholarship $1,000 Emma Sather
Rocket Boosters Scholarship $1,000 Alexander Nelson
Rockford Lions Scholarship $1,000 Ella Robberstad
Rockford Lions Scholarship $1,000 Stephen Jankowski
Woodside Family Dental - 4.0+ GPA Scholarship $1,000 Cassia Cady
Woodside Family Dental - General Scholarship $1,000 Lincoln Johnson
Bankwest Scholarship $1,000 Anika St Cyr
Bankwest Scholarship $1,000 Jaxon Maki
Dollars For Scholars - 3.0+ $750 Robert Edwards
Dollars For Scholars - 3.0+ $750 Makayla Graunke
Dollars For Scholars - 3.0+ $750 Rylee Larson
Crow River Thunder Scholarship $500 Ella Andrew
Dr. Allen Moen Memorial Scholarship $500 Macoy Przybilla
Education MN - Rockford Scholarship $500 Kylee Sauers
Education MN - Rockford Scholarship $500 Samuel Zilmer
Farmers State Bank of Hamel Scholarship $500 Bryan Sandoval
Music Partners Scholarship $500 Avery Gordee
Music Partners Scholarship $500 Katlyn Kloss
RAAA Student Athlete Scholarship $500 Reagan Pedersen
RAAA Student Athlete Scholarship $500 Aliyah Pedersen
RAAA Student Athlete Scholarship $500 Nolan Perry
RAAA Student Athlete Scholarship $500 Max Hudlow
Robert J and Sandra L Ziegler Scholarship $500 Keaton Reed
Rockford Scouting Scholarship $500 Jazmyn Weddig
Rosemary Tabbut Memorial Scholarship $500 Lucy Smith
Socher Women's Track Scholarship $200 Sophie Bremel
Triple "A" Award Scholarship $200 Aliyah Bremel
Triple "A" Award Scholarship $200 Gavin Faber


Local Area Scholarship Name Value Recipients
Rockford Ed Foundation Alumni Scholarship $500 Jasmine Faue
Rockford Ed Foundation Alumni Scholarship $500 Lincoln Johnson
Rockford Ed Foundation Alumni Scholarship $500 Lauren Schuman
Rockford Ed Foundation Alumni Scholarship $500 Sophia Brun
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Afton Kaul
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Cassia Cady
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Makayla Graunke
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Mackenzie Bakken
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Avery Gordee
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Hannah Moe
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Carter Edwards
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Jaxon Maki
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Lauren Schuman
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Anika St Cyr
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Reagan Pederson
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Sophie Bremel
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Matthew Larson
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Rylee Larson
Hanover Athletic Association $1,000 Jasmine Faue
Corcoran Lions Scholarship $750 Alberto Lopez Martinez
Corcoran Lions Scholarship $1,000 Ella Robberstad
Corcoran Lions Scholarship $1,500 Preston Smith
Corcoran Lions Scholarship $750 Alan Urbina Ventura
Corcoran Lions Scholarship $750 Jessica Ziemiecki
Rockford Star Lodge #62 Trades Scholarship $2,000 Avery Gordee
Buffalo Hospital Foundation Scholarship $1,000 Skyla Lewis
Hanover Lions Scholarship $1,000 Afton Kaul
Amy Nicolle Johnson Memorial Scholarship $7,000 Samuel Zilmer